. . . providers & producers of tomorrow' s electronic Data technology for today's Business World

E-DATA.CO.NZ is one of Complete Data Solutions websites.

Complete Data Solutions provide services in a wide range of electronic Data Processing techniques, including ISO markUp standards . . . <XML/> and <HTML> through to graphic design and more.

We transform business data into quality knowledgeable content. Our solutions are simple yet sophisticated.


. . . providers of tomorrow's Sports Administration technology for today's Sports World

We provide services for all aspects of Sports Administration from membership administration to online registrations

CelSport Online is our smart web-based draw and result package, which provides a wide variety of functions.

Our Sports Administration solutions are simple yet sophisticated and cater for a wide range of sports administration requirements.


. . . providers of photoGraphic Images with a difference

We provide services in producing a wide range of electronic images.

We specialise in Sports photography providing quality images with a difference.

Our service is personal and friendly, our images are simple yet sophisticated and come in a variety of sizes.